Washington Nominated For Community Service 07-16-14

Aneglo State Football player Kyle Washington has been very active this summer with summer school and a job. However, those aren't the only things taking his time as he gives his time to multiple community events. Jeff Corean visited with the quarterback this afternoon.

Jeff: "I am here inside Champions Lounge with ASU quarterback Kyle Washington and Kyle was just nominated for the Allstate Good Hands Team for the work that he does in the community. Kyle you do a lot of work. You do Rams Read. You help paint houses through a program that is like Habitat For Humanity and you also work with Special Ed. students throughout the community. Just talk about donating your time to those in need."

Kyle Washington: "I want to say this type of stuff is a testiment to my family, a testiment to my parents. It's a testiment to the Angelo State community for encouraging football players to be involved. I'd like to give credit to those guys, to the coaches and the players that do the same type of stuff I do as well. I don't want to make it seem like I'm the only one doing it. Other players are doing this as well. I'm encouraged and I'm excited that the Angelo State community welcomes football players."

Jeff: "Whenever you are in the community and you are reading to the kids or you are helping with the Specdial Ed. children, what is it that you take away from the kids when you are spending time with them?"

Washington: "From the first day I walked into those doors they welcomed me with open arms. To see those smiles on those kids faces is something that warms my heart. It's something that I can look back and say I helped those kids out as much as they helped me out."

Jeff: "Whenever you're there with them, you have the teachers and coaches around, you say it's the whole team. How does that help your team grow together when you're out in the community with each other just not on the field or in the classrom but with those here in San Angelo?"

Washington: "It helps to build a selfless attitude. It helps some of our guys realize that it's not just about you. It's about helping others and I think that's one of the great things that you can get out of this type of stuff."

Jeff: "Jeff Corean, KSAN, San Angelo's sport channel

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