Wall Hawks want to fly to state, prepare for season 08/25/14

- The Wall Hawks have had winning seasons the past five years, but if you ask these guys, that's still not enough.

"We all want to get back to the state game," senior RB/LB Kris Gutierrez said. "We all want to prove a point since we didn't last year...that's all I really want."

"Our goal is a state championship," senior RB/DB Clay Braden said.

The Hawks were close to winning it all last year before losing the state title game to Cameron Yoe, ending the season with their only loss of the year: which definitely left a bad taste in their mouths.

"It's a new year. We got a new bunch of kids. We got a new crop of kids coming in, same group of juniors are now seniors and they're on a mission," Wall head coach Houston Guy said. "They know that they were so close last year and I think that that kind of gave them a taste and they'd like to redeem themselves and get back to the state championship game, and maybe play a little bit better."

So this year, it seems as if the motto is state title or bust for Wall and head coach Houston Guy. He said he has confidence they could very get the job done.

"We're sure hoping we can. I think we've got the tools. I think we've got the talent. And you know, when you play 16 ball games, you've got to have some luck along the way, and we need some luck on the way - just like everybody else," Guy said.

"We want to get revenge, and we feel like we've got something to prove to everybody, and show that we are the Wall Hawks," Braden said. "We're going to do that this Friday night."

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