Wall and Idalou in Regional Final 05-27-14

In the Class 2A Baseball Regional Final it'll be the Wall Hawks and Idalou Wildcats. One of these will advance to the final four next week.

Randy Ward: "The Wall Hawk athletic program has seen success across the board this school year. Some of the high points include the football team reaching the state championship game, the boys basketball team reaching the regional tournament, and now the baseball team in the regional final. What is it, that helps the Hawks keep their focus?"

Tre Chitsey, SR SS: "In the playoffs you can't ever get too high and you can't ever get too low, you have to stay even keel to keep focus from series to series because if you get to high you're not going to be focused for you're next series and if you get too low you're not going to be ready to play again, so we're just trying to stay focused and even keeled."

Ward: "Adversity is something that this Wall Hawks team has become accustomed to. On Saturday when they tried to play game two of their series with Bushland they had to move from Lubbock to Big Spring and eventually Monohans before finding a field that was suitable for playing conditions. Wall then lost game two, had to bounce back and win the series in dramatic fashion in game three. Now this week as they prepare to face Idalou the Hawks find their own field under water so they've had to move into San Angelo to the SAY Complex to find a field just to practice. But all this adversity is something that's making this team better."

Chitsey: "We're prepared for anything now that we've had to do that and travel all across Texas just to play two games. I really feel like we can take on anything now.

Jason Schniers, Wall Head Coach: "Our kids do a good job of handling adversity. It's what we prepare our kids for, it's the whole reason we're doing this in athletics, it prepares you for life. In life you're going to have your ups and downs, and when things go wrong, because they will, how are you going to handle that as a person. This is a good learning tool and that's why we're out here for athletic purposes to see how these kids respond to difficult situations."

Due to Idalou having graduation on Thursday and Wall on Friday, the teams have agreed to a Wednesday - Saturday series. The games will be played in Snyder. We'll be there both days to have coverage for you of the Concho Valley's final high school team still standing this school year.

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