Trophy Case: Tye Masters 07-21-14

Our final edition of the Trophy Case for this summer is from a golf tournament this afternoon at San Angelo Country Club. Jeff Corean has the details.

Jeff: "This weeks edition of the Trophy Case we are joined by Wall Hawk Junior Tye Masters and Tye is part of the West Texas Juniors Golf Tour that goes around West Texas. Last year Tye you actually won eight of those tournaments in the 14-15 age group. Reflect on that for me a little bit and talk about last season."

Tye Masters: "Well, I was hitting the ball real good and I was putting. Of course it was easier competition and we weren't playing as far back as we are now. It's just really connecting."

Jeff: "How long have you been playing the game of golf?"

Masters: "Technically since I was five. That's when my step-dad really got me into it, but I truly hadn't gotten into it until I was about nine or so."

Jeff: "What got you back into it? "

Masters: "Ah, just, everyone got bigger than me. So, I had to pick a sport to where I didn't have to be big."

Jeff: "Now you have moved up to the 16-18 age group for this year's tournament events. Talk about the different level of competition and how much you've grown from last year to this year."

Masters: "Well you know everyone hits it further. Also, everyone is just a lot more mature. Everyone is really use to the competition and there are some really good players that score low."

Jeff: "Going throughout the summer have you had some goals that change? Or somewhere you want to be at the end of this tour?"

Jeff: "My goals really went from winning to just get a low score in. That's what really changed from last year to this year. Last year was all about just winning and this year I'm just trying to play good golf."

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