Trophy Case: Ty Casey 06-02-14

This week our Trophy Case segment is with a young athlete excelling at any sport who chooses to play so far. Let's join Jeff Corean for the story of Ty Casey.

Jeff Corean: "This week I'm joined by Wall 4th grader, whose actually going to be a 5th grader this fall, Ty casey. Ty is a multi-sport athlete: football, baseball, soccer, basketball. Ty out of all those sports which one is your favorite?"

Ty Casey: "Probably football."

Jeff: "Why football over the other sports?"

Ty: "It's pretty fun because I'm the fullback and the linebacker and you get to hit people hard."

Jeff: "Ty is not telling a fib when he says he is one of the best one there are. Last summer Wall Hawk football camp was a camp for 1st graders through 5th graders and you can see the awards on the wall. Ty kind of wrecked shop, he was the total camp MVP, the 4th grade camp MVP, he also was the champion in the pass, the champion in the punt, and the champion in the kick. When you went to that camp were you surprised you took away those awards?"

Ty: "Yes because the year before when I did it I got no awards."

Jeff: "What do you think was the big difference from the year before to last summer to where you were able to clean out every award they had?"

Ty: "I think I got better with all the practices that we had and I got to get stronger and I could catch the ball better and I was faster."

Jeff: "So each year it gets better. You have a baseball practice you have to go to shortly. What's that like throughout the year, you're doing football you're doing basketball, you're doing baseball all back to back, does it keep you busy?"

Ty: "It's fun but it's kind of tiring in a way. You don't get as much sleep but when you do play you have a practice from 5:30 to 8 and then you have to go eat and then take a shower and then go to bed. I'm in bed about 9:30."

Jeff: "Wall 5th grader, Ty Casey, our trophy case athlete of the week."

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