Trophy Case: Ryann Honea and Jansen Smith 06-23-14

In Waco recently a pair of San Angelo golfers earned top honors at the Starburst Junior Tournament. Jeff Corean visits with them for this weeks edition of the Trophy Case.

Jeff Corean: "This weeks Trophy Case featured athletes are two golfers here in the San Angelo area. The first one we're going to talk to is Ryann Honea. Ryan has just won a big tournament. one of the biggest tournaments in the state of Texas and has qualified to go play at Pinehurst Golf Club in North Carolina. First of all talk to us about that tournament and what it was like you found out that you had won."

Ryann Honea: "It was awesome getting to play, it was the first time getting to play in that tournament. It was really fun and I was super excited that I just  won one of the biggest."

Jeff: "You have an autographed flag, first of all who autographed this flag?"

Ryann: "Jordan Spieth."

Jeff: "Let everybody know, who is Jordan Spieth."

Ryann: "He is a professional golfer and he is an inspiration to me."

Jeff: "Why is he an inspiration to you, why do you look up to him?"

Ryann: "Because he's really good and I want to be like him someday."

Jeff: "Now I'm joined by Jansen Smith who is going to be an incoming Freshman to Central this year. He's a very avid golfer, this isn't the first time Jansen has been interviewed. We go back a few years and have some footage of you talking with Randy. You've been doing golf for many years now."

Jansen Smith: "Yes sir, I've been playing since I was one and a half."

Jeff: "One and a half, old enough to just barely walk around but you could actually swing a club then?"

Jansen: "Yes sir."

Jeff: "What's it been like over the years, you've played on big course, just like we talked with with Ryann as she's going to Pinehurst. You've already been there and been on other big course, what is it like to play on courses like that?"

Jansen: "It's a great experience just seeing what everybody else can do and for the future seeing what you need to work on for the next time you come up against those great players."

Jeff: "There is three aspects to the game, you have long game off the tee and then your mid-range game and the short game. Which of those three do you think is your strongest?"

Jansen: "Short game, definitely. I've been putting and chipping since I started playing all the time. I'd rather go to the putting green and practice that than come out and hit balls for two hours."

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