Trophy Case: Richie and Robbie Ramos 06-16-14

This week's Trophy Case segment takes us to the little league field where Jeff Corean visited with a pair of brothers after their team won the city championship last Thursday night.

Jeff Corean: "This weeks Trophy Case featured athletes are two brothers Richie and Robbie Ramos. These guys just won the city little league championship. First of all, how does that feel?"

Richie Ramos: "It felt really great. Watching that last pitch and he called it a strike."

Jeff: "You were on the mound for it, you pitched the whole game, talk about being in the zone throwing strikes, talk about how you were feeling."

Richie: "I was feeling really nervous and felt like everybody was counting on me to do my best. It felt great."

Jeff: "It helps when you get run support like you did, you guys got the 6-0 win to claim the city championship. Robbie, you on the other hand are playing up in age group, you're only 8 years old. Talk about you being a little younger than your teammates but still playing on their level.

Robbie: "I've been playing since I was three and same with him. I just got better and better."

Jeff: "What's it like to play with big brother, does it kind of make it a little easier with him on the field too doesn't it?"

Robbie: "Yes."

Jeff: "Do you like it that little brother is tagging along with you and playing?"

Richie: "Yes sir."

Jeff: "What's the best part about it?"

Richie: "Working as a team and doing our best and winning games."

Jeff: "Talk about away from the field, when you guys are at home, are you guys always competitive and going at it?"

Richie: "Yes sir."

Jeff: "Who usually wins?"

Robbie: "I do."

Jeff: "Why is that?"

Robbie: "I'm the strongest and when we fight I'm the strongest and I can get him pinned down."

Jeff: "Is there any truth to that?"

Richie: "Yes."

Jeff: "Richie, you're part of a select team and have a pretty famous coach with Ronnie Gaines a former ASU standout and former San Angelo Colt. What is it like playing under Ronnie?"

Richie: "He's a very good coach and I feel like he's teaching me well and helping out with very good stuff."

Jeff: "What's one of the things that you've learned from Ronnie that sticks with you?"

Richie: "To keep your head up no matter what happens."

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