Trophy Case: Joe Brannen 07-07-14

Saturday night the San Angelo Bandits won the final game of the Lone Star Football League season and hoisted the trophy in celebration. Head Coach Joe Brannen was named League Coach of the Year and for that he is this weeks Trophy Case feature story. Here's KSAN's Jeff Corean.

Jeff: "This weeks Trophy Case features Head Coach of the San Angelo Bandits Joe Brannen. Coach Brannen and his Bandits just won the Lone Star Football League title game by defeating the New Mexico Stars 64-34 right here in Foster Communications Coliseum last Saturday night. Coach Brannen at half-time you were awarded the Lone Star Football League Coach of the Year. Now grab that trophy for us and hold it up so everyone can see. Talk the award. I mean it was a great season from 1-11 to champs."

Joe Brannen: "You know, it was a great season and these individual awards, which we had quite a few of them at half-time the other night. You don't get those if you don't have team success. All of those guys who received awards and myself included, we were appreciative and we can look back when it's all said and done and reflect on. The biggest thing was going out and getting that big trophy at the end of the game."

Jeff: "You've been coaching for three seasons, going on four years. Talk about finally winning the league."

Brannen: "It's huge. It's still two days later trying to find the words to describe it. The amount of joy and pride you have watching those guys raise that trophy up and celebrating the successes they've had. It's just a special moment."

Jeff: "You have the title, you've won one. What's next for coach Joe Brannen?"

Brannen: "Right now, I'll be here next year, just like the players that use this league as a stepping stone to hopefully move up to a higher level of football. Same thing for coaches. I've had some phone calls and thing like that. It's going to be a little while before we know exactly what is going on. So, in the time being I'm going to start recruiting to bring guys back to San Angelo and defend this title."

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