Trophy Case: Haylee Thompson 05-12-14

We've had some good nominations for our Trophy Case segment here on KSAN Sports, we'll keep those that we've received and try to get to them as the weeks move ahead. This weeks Trophy Case featured athlete is Central's Haylee Thompson, she captured the All-Around Title at the State Gymnastics Meet just a couple weeks ago.

Jeff Corean: "I'm looking and this year was a real success for you and your teammates. You won state, 7th team title in program history, has it hit you yet?"

Haylee Thompson: "Not really. That's what everyone asks me. In the moment it was really overwhelming, so I would have to say that it's taken to about now to hit me. Right now is when I feel that we really did it, we worked that hard and really went out there and got our 7th one and I put together enough routines to end up on top. it's a really awesome feeling."

Jeff: "The main goal is to get the team championship, but what you did the cherry on top. Hold this up for us, look at all these medals, this is just form one meet, the state meet. You have 3 golds, 2 silvers, and a bronze. lets talk about the golds."

Haylee: "One was from floor, then one of them was from All-Around and then we have the team which was the goal. It was very exciting."

Jeff: "Started as a Freshman and all four years you saw that progression, talk about the progression from Freshman to now and it all paid off for you with that medal right there."

Haylee: "I came in my Freshman year and I had Stormy Luera as my senior and she is an amazing gymnast, so she was someone to look up to. Since then that was kind of who I wanted to get to. So since my Freshman year I've worked for that moment, I worked to win state. Through the four years it finally paid off and I got to stand on the podium."

Jeff: "What's happened since then? Do you just walk around and get a hall pass with these medals?"

Haylee: "I wish. I got a lot of congratulations and that was really awesome for my friends and my teachers to recognize not only how good I did but how good the team did. It was awesome for people, people who don't really know how good we are gymnasts, for us to show them this is what we do everyday, this is why we miss school on Fridays to go to meets, that's how good we were. It was awesome to get that from everyone."

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