Trophy Case: Corey Sanders 07-14-14

Sunday morning some some of San Angelo's runners, bikers, and swimmers competed in a Triathlon at Lake Nasworthy. That's where Jeff Corean found this week's Trophy Case athlete.

Jeff Corean: "For this weeks Trophy Case segment we go to Lake Nasworthy and Mary Lee Park for the lake Nasworthy Triathlon and I am currently with the winner Corey Sanders. Corey you clocked in at a time right over 50 minutes. You had a 300 yard swim, a 10 mile bike ride, and a 2 mile run. What's it like to compete in a event like that?"

Corey Sanders: "It's very tiring, If you have a good lifestyle and prepare right you get to enjoy most of it. A little bit of pain but enjoyed most of it."

Jeff: "What exactly goes into the training process for a triathlon?"

Corey: "Hours and hours of work, and for me personally I was very uncomfortable in the water a few years ago so I spent a lot of time in the water getting comfortable with the swim, even had some swimming lessons. It takes a very patient family also because it takes a lot of time."

Jeff: "How long have you been running events like this?"

Corey: "This is my third season of doing it, so it's been about 2 and half years total."

Jeff: "How many wins over the three season have you gathered in?"

Corey: "This is my first overall win, I've had some age group wins and that's about it. I've probably done about 8 to 10 triathlons all together."

Jeff: "What was your feeling when you came across that finish line knowing you finally got your first win?"

Corey: "About half a mile left to go I looked back and felt very comfortable with my lead and that's when I said 'all years of hard work are paying off and I'm going to sit back and enjoy this last half mile' and so I soaked in it for the last half mile and I enjoyed it. It's awesome."

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