Trophy Case: Colts Booster Club 06-30-14

On Monday's we generally have an interview with an athlete who has earned top awards in his or her sport. This week we go off the field and visit with a some people who help the players of the San Angelo Colts to be successful. Jeff Corean has our Trophy Case segment.

Jeff Corean:  "This weeks edition of the Trophy Case we're going to mix it up a little bit. Instead of going off of awards or past trophy's we're going to interview a couple folks who have helped the San Angelo Colts who have been a franchise here for 15 years in the city of San Angelo. These fine folks right here have been there almost every season along with them helping them anyway they can. First of all lets introduce you to the Robinsons, how long have you been helping out the Colts?"

Debbie Robinson: "15 years."

Jeff: "All 15 seasons, what are some of the things you guys do for the Colts?"

Debbie: "We provide food, we feed them after the games sometimes, we provide road snacks they travel out of town. If they need soap or laundry detergent, we provide whatever we can. We work with the clubie and the boys."

Jeff: "It's like you've had a extended family for 15 years."

Tommy Robinson: "It is kind of family. It's a great bunch of guys to work with. We've enjoyed helping them out every year and we'll continue to do so."

Jeff: "Mrs. Billie you've been here 14 of the 15 seasons."

Billie Dusek: "I was here but I wasn't a member of the booster club, I've been a member of the booster club for 14 years. It's a great thing. I consider them all my grandsons because I have grandsons about that age. It's a wonderful outlet for the whole family. Over the years no telling how many banana puddings I have made for those boys, but they love them and as I say, they're my grandsons."

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