Trophy Case: Colton Freeman 04-28-14

Central High School Football player Colton Freeman has been selected to play in the FCA All-Star game in Abilene, as well as the Coaches Association All-Star game at the Alamo dome. Freeman was the Center for the Bobcats and has signed on to play the Houston Cougars. He's the first interview in our new series called The Trophy Case.

Jeff Corean: "You signed with the University of Houston, first what went into that decision?"

Colton Freeman: "My parents knew that U of H was the right place for me, I don't know what brought them to that conclusion but I went and visited Texas State and ACU. In December when I went for my official visit to U of H it was, blew them out of the water. Facilities are better, it just seemed more like home to me than any of the other place."

Jeff: "What are some of the things that you're looking forward to whenever you step on the campus down in Houston?"

Colton: "Just getting bigger, faster, stronger. Grades are a very very big priority and getting my first starting spot."

Jeff: "Now you're going to play division one football, when did the dream become a reality to you that 'I've got something going here, football could be my career one day?' "

Colton: "End of my Junior year, summer going to camps and stuff like that more and more coaches at the division one level started talking to me. Got my first offer from ACU a division one double A and it led to more offers as I was processing through my senior year."

Jeff: "How tough of a decision was it for someone like you being a young man going out going away from home, how tough of a decision was it with all the people calling and you had to choose one?"

Colton: "It's a tough decision. The hardest part is telling the other coaches that I'm going to commit here instead of there because you've had such a good bond with them over the time they've been recruiting you."

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