Trophy Case: Bailey Waddington 05-19-14

This week's Trophy Case is Bailey Waddington. She's finishing her Freshman year at Central, but also plays on select teams in San Antonio.

Jeff Corean: "Volleyball is your sport and obviously you're pretty good at it, you have these medals here to prove that point. Talk about playing volleyball, first of all, when did it start?"

Bailey Waddington: "I started when I was a few years old. I always watched my dads team play and I started little leagues when I was a few years old."

Jeff: "Your dad is the head coach for ASU Volleyball and is pretty successful as well. These medals right here, lets talk about them a little bit. Are all of these from select volleyball?"

Bailey: "I don't think so, I think some of them are just from little leagues that I've played in from younger years."

Jeff: "Is there a different team every year that you're a part of or has it been pretty much the same group of girls?"

Bailey: "Every year the team changes a little bit but it's usually the same main players."

Jeff: "What's it like going around traveling on the road to different tournaments, what's it like playing select volleyball and traveling on the weekends?"

Bailey: "It's very busy but it's really fun and I enjoy it a lot."

Jeff: "What does your week actually consist of? I know just before you sat down to do this you had an open gym practice, what's a typical week for you?"

Bailey: "I travel twice a week to San Antonio to practice with my club team, three hours both ways and in the car I do a lot of homework. The other days of the week I train with Central with Coach Bo and from time to time I train with my dad. I would say that I'm pretty busy."

Jeff: "What has stuck with you so far that helps you to be successful and helps you win these medals? There has got to be something there that you're always doing over and over."

Bailey: "You have to always be positive and confident at the same time so you pass it on to your teammates so they feel the same way and it has a better team atmosphere."

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