Trophy Case: Bailey Kinney 05-05-14

The KSAN Trophy Case is a place for our viewers to have input on what stories are shared on air. One of the entries that was submitted to our website at Concho Valley Home Page dot com was of Bailey Kinney, an 8th grade super star on the track. Bailey has competed in events all across the state and holds several timed records. Bailey Kinney is this weeks Trophy Case feature athlete.

Jeff Corean: "You've set records all over the state in track, let's talk about your accomplishments."

Bailey Kinney: "So far the past two years I've been in middle school, I've set 9 two in McMurry both seventh and eighth grade. Then I set three last year at the city meet as a seventh grader and two this year as an eighth grader. I have one in the 800 for girls 12 and under in 2012."

Jeff: "I'm looking at your wall right now and it's just covered in medals. How many medals are hanging up here right now?"

Kinney: "I haven't counted."

Jeff: "Which ones are the most recent?"

Kinney: "Probably these right here. These are my eighth grade cross country and my eighth track and field."

Jeff: "A lot of gold right there. I noticed too it's not just track. You have basketball up there, soccer. Are you just an all sport athlete?"

Kinney: "Yeah. We've given up soccer for running but whenever I'm not running I go to basketball to change it up."

Jeff: "Is it hard for you to find time to balance the sports?"

Kinney: "No. They actually fall perfectly together. As soon as basketball is over I turn to running. I run throughout the summer. Then when I get back we start cross country. When cross country is over, we're into basketball."

Jeff: "So where did all of this start? Where did you get the inspiration to want to run?"

Kinney: "Probably started whenever I was in soccer. My coach noticed that I could outlast the girls, playing longer. So, my parents were like hmm, well let's try running. We started with the summer track program with our coach Gabe. He's really helped me since then."

Jeff: "I've seen some pictures of you with coach Gabe, at some of the track meets. Talk about coach Gabe and how you look up to him and the girls that run at ASU."

Kinney: "He encourages me so much through the workouts. They get so hard, but he encourages us to keep pushing through. He keeps telling us that it will pay off and it eventually does."

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