The Year Of The Cat 08-15-14

Water Valley Head Coach John York is starting his third year at the helm of the Wildcats and has quite a successful program installed. The Wildcats have made deep playoff runs in the past but feel 2014 is the year of the cat.

Jeff: "Last year the Water Valley Wildcats saw their season come to an end when eventual six-man division one state champion Crowell Wildcats scored with 32 seconds left to play to put the game away for good. A play that left Water Valley hungry for another playoff berth."

John York: "These guys are highly motivated and they're really focused. It was a hard loss. It was a game we led the whole way and the guys feel like we let one get away. They're hungry and they're focused so it's been really good since last year."

Jeff: "Over the offseason the Wildcats formed a tight brotherly bond that they use to push one another to be better."

Cody Zuniga: "I think we are closer this year. A lot more family as a team. We're brothers here. We are always talking good and helping each other out."

Jeff: "Since fall practices began a week ago the Wildcats have been working on speed, the number one necessity of sixman football."

Cade York: "Trying to get as good as we can as fast as we can. Preparing for all of the games that we can."

San Sheppard: "I feel like we can over power but we definitely want to get that district first then start with playoffs."

Jeff: "One thing is for sure the future of Wildcat football is bright."

John York: "It's about the program right now and you know we have some really good kids that are buying into the system and buying into the work ethic and doing the things that we are asking them so it's a good situation."

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