The Energetic Miles Bulldogs Excited to Begin Season 08/05/14

- San Angelo, TX--The Miles Bulldogs love their slogans and this year brings a new one, "Team above me,"so far that message is sinking in quite well.

        "Man we stress team more than anything, it's just not about one person it's about all 11 of us, flying to the ball making the tackle, all eleven scoring a touchdown," Miles Senior Linebacker Colton Wilson said.

        "Older kids are helping younger kids, people are getting out here early, excited about it every single day, you know there's really that family atmosphere of being out there with the guys you want to be around so you want to be putting in the work in the summer as well," Miles Head Coach Chad Currie added.

        Miles opens their season August 29th on the road against Rocksprings.

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