Tennis State Champion: Jessey Martinez 05-15-14

We've been showcasing some of the areas state champions form recent UIL events, Junctions Jessey Martinez won the Girls Singles Tennis Title in College Station a couple weeks ago. KSAN's Jeff Corean has her story.

Jeff Corean: "I'm here with Jessey Martinez who is a junior at Junction High School and a back to back state singles champion for Tennis. Jessey, you just won your second gold medal in a row, has it sunk in yet?"

Jessey Martinez: "Yes it has. It's a great feeling. I had tons of support and it's pushed me throughout all my journey."

Jeff: "With this medal you have hanging around your neck, is that kind of like a hall pass, do you get to go out and do whatever you want in school or do they keep you grounded?"

Jessey: "Same rules as before."

Jeff: "You won two in a row, talk about some of the work that goes into back to back state champions. You won the first one, obviously the target was on your back for number two. Was there some pressure to win the second one?"

Jessey: "Yes there was pressure because my freshman year I got third in 2A. And so winning and trying to repeat I just had to push myself twice as hard as everybody else I had the year before to get another one."

Jeff: "What is some of the work that goes into, you have to spend hours on the court."

Jessey: "Everyday I usually spend about 2 to 2 and half hours out on the court doing drills and hitting forehands, backhands, and all my shots and working on what I need to work on day to day."

Jeff: "Some people might ask, why tennis, what draws you to the sport?"

Jessey: "My mom started playing and then my brother started then is passed down to me and they've inspired me. I watched my brother through his whole high school, and he's my coach now. It's nice to have him help me get to where I am right now."

Jeff: "You have one more year to go, you have next year to come back and go for three in a row. What is your mindset looking forward to next spring?"

Jessey: "I'm very excited, it's my last year and I want to make the best of it and get my third one, it'll be my fourth trip to state. I want one more gold medal, that's all I need."

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