Taylor Bowman Remembered 07-17-14

Skylar reported earlier in the show about a vehicle accident on HWY 67 near Talpa that resulted in the loss of Taylor Bowman. Bowman was set to be a junior at Ballinger High School. Jeff Corean is in the studio with more on this tough story.

Randy, it is a tough time for Ballinger, a time that no community should have to endure. Taylor Bowman was not only set to be a Junior when school started back up next month, but she was also one of the schools top female athletes. Ballinger girls Head Basketball Coach Michael Barnes described Taylor as a kid who was loved by everyone.

Michael Barnes: "She's one of those kids that as a coach, you want your kids to be like. It's tough. It's one of those things that, she was a great athlete."

Jeff: "Taylor had a passion for all sports. Such a deep passion that when she looked to her future, sports was always there."

Barnes: "You know, she wanted to be a coach. And she would come and ask me things. Questions like she was always asking. Reaching out and trying to better herself. It was always fun for me as a coach to see somebody with that passion for athletics,"

Jeff: "No matter the sport Taylor participated in, whether it be softball, basketball or track, her leadership was present on the field. That same leadership helped build within her peers the spirit of the Ballinger Bearcats."

Barnes: "She's the type of kid that coaches love to have. When you walk into the gym she's ready to get in there, then you have to turn the lights out and tell her to leave. That's just how she was. From an athletic stand point she is going to be missed but she was more than that. Just always smiling."

Jeff: "During this tough time Taylor's friends remember the shine of her smile and that will help in the days ahead."

Barnes: "We have some really great kids at Ballinger. Real strong in the faith and that goes a long, long way how you react in this situation. I truly believe that."

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Bowman family and the entire community of Ballinger as they cope with the loss of such a young life that was so special to everyone who was lucky enough to know her.

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