Summer League Season Ending Tournament 06-29-14

The Concho Valley Summer League Basketball Program has been hooping it up for over a month now. This weekend 30 of the leagues 70 teams competed in the season ending tournament in Veribest.

Jeff: "The Concho Valley Summer League Basketball Program consists of over 70 teams. Most of which come from smaller communities around the Concho Valley, making Veribest the prime location to hold the league's season ending tournament."

Chris Cardenas: "The summer league has been held here in Veribest for the last three years. We've played at Wall before. We've done it at Central a few times in years past. Veribest welcomes us and most of the teams who play are 3A and below. So the small town environment works well for a lot of these teams who come out."

Jeff: "The summer league program keeps area teams in the gym preparing for next season and brushing up on their skill sets."

Jordan Brooks: "I think in the summer we build more together as a team. Once we get to the season as a team we are already better. We already know each other and have played with each other before."

Cardenas: "The better teams stay in the gym year around. By playing summer league basketball, you have to hone your skills a little bit better. You're not going to get rusty.  You can work on some skill sets a lot as well."

Jeff: "Naturally, summer league allows the players to improve their individual skills as well."

Pierce Parmer: "I've improved on my passing and seeing the floor and my decision making. If I should shoot it, pass it or what not. All of that."

Brooks: "I like to try new things in here. Then, when I get good at them here, I like to bring them into the season."

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