Sports Challenge: RC Plane Flying

- By: Marcus Officer

In this weeks sports challenge, we decided to move from the ground to the air and attempt to fly a plane.

The challenge this week was to see if I could hold my own with some of the best remote control plane pilots in San Angelo.

Charles Harris was gracious enough to let me use his plane for the challenge. A

fter a quick crash course on how to fly I felt ready to go.

But before the 22-year veteran of the United States Air Force handed over the controls, I asked him what chance I had of succeeding in this challenge.

With Charles' ok we were up and flying. Had mickey mouse been on my plane, there would have been cheese everywhere as I seemed to create nothing but turbulence for the first minute or so.

But after adjusting to the sensitivity of the controls I was able to level off and glide through the air, most of the time.

After five minutes I attempted to pull off a few tricks. Three dives and two heart attacks from Chuck later, Igave up the acrobatics and continued to soar through the air.

i might not have been able to dance through the air like the other pilots but because I kept the plane off the ground and in one piece. I would be victorious in this weeks sports challenge.

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