Sports Challenge: Pickleball 10/09/13


 By: Marcus Officer

We moved from the football field to the tennis court for this week's sports challenge.

In this week's sports challenge, I went to the Bentwood Country Club learning to play the game of pickleball.

Pickleball was the name of the game and like most I was unfamiliar with the sport. Sharron Kulig from the Laura W. Bush Institute explained what pickleball is.

"Well pickle ball is an amalgamation of several games. We have a lot ping pongesqe moves, tennis of course, and the serve is a bagmitton serve. "

So I grabbed my wooden pickleball paddle and hit the court with my teammate Susan Childress to take on Jesse Buchanan and Kelly Driver.

The first one to score 11 points, wins the match. Susan and I were quickly down two to nothing thanks to my inexperience playing the game.

But I would pull it together and after a nice rally and a tweener from Jesse, Susan and I were finally able to get on the board.

With Kelly serving, Susan kept the momentum going and scored with a great drop shot. We kept ourselves in the match.

Still down by five points, both teams exchanged quick rallies to one another until Jesse's shot went into the net.

Susan and I got on the board again and continue to cut into their lead. However as the game went on, Jesse and Kelly extended their lead and were one point away from the win.

Susan and i fought to stay alive but my inexperience cost us the game as I missed the chance to score.

Jesse and Kelly won the match 11 to 5 and were this week's sports challenge winners.

The KLST team did not walk away empty handed, Sharron rewarded our efforts with a pickleball t-shirt and a congratulatory hug.

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