Sports Challenge: Bowling

- By: Marcus Officer

After failing miserably in the last three sports challenges, we decided to shake things up.

We took a break from racket sports and moved to the bowling alley. T

his week I would be taking on my boss, David Wagner.

The stakes were high in this one. David put his beard on the line in this one game challenge but if I lost, I had to work on Thanksgiving.

With that in mind, I chose the bowling ball that would lead me to victory rather quickly.

David on the other hand spent 20 minutes searching for his, but as I would find out later, his patience would payoff.

David started the game missing all but one pin. As I thought I had this one in the bag one roll in, I was in for another rude awaking. He would answer back with a nine pin spare. I countered by knocking down

 nine pins but was unable to match David's spare and that was the closest lead I would see on the day.

David's college bowling class really paid off as he would get strike after strike, spare after spare, leaving me in the dust just five frames in.

I would attempt to claw my way back and make this a competitive challenge but it was too little too late as David's lead ballooned in the 7th frame.

In the 10th frame, knowing I would not be getting a turkey on Thanksgiving, I was going for the turkey looking for my third straight strike to finish the day strong, but it was not to be.

I failed to break a score of 100 and i would be defeated in this week's challenge.

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