Sports Challenge: ASU Kicking Competition


In this weeks sports challenge kicking field goals was the name of the game Let's see how Marcus Officer did in this week's challenge.

On this weeks sports challenge I took on the Angelo State kickers to see who can be called this weeks 'leg'

The competition in this week's sports challenge was steep. I was set to face Rhett Peterson, Reid Layton, Sam Fowler and Josh Sparkman in a kicking competition.

To get things started we each attempted and made our extra point attempts but it was time to test ourselves. We eached attempted a kick from 25 yards out. Peterson nailed his kick as well as Sparkman, Layton and Fowler.

With each of the rams drilling their field goals the pressure was on me and after finding my inner Adam Vinateri and I was clutch nailing the kick.

We then moved back and attempted kicks from 35 yards away. The wind played tricks with Fowler's ball however found a way to get the ball between the uprights. My luck continued as I put all I could into the kick and was able to hang with the rams.

However the 40 yard field goal proved to be the toughest obstacle of the day as the crossbar was all that stood in the way of my date with victory. The ASU Ram kickers had the leg up and walked away as this week's sport challenge winners.

Marcus Officer, KLST Sports

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