Seven on Seven Football League 06-02-14

At the fields by Lincoln Junior High each Monday in June 13 football teams gather to play seven on seven. The teams are from the area, like Ballinger, Irion County, Christoval, and more. We were there Monday night as they opened up play to find out more about it.

Randy Ward: "This seven on seven summer league is known as the Pass Catch and Cover League. It's goal is simply to provide the athletes an opportunity to improve in those area listed, Passing, Catching, and Defending Receivers. Being out of the pads, the pace of the game is quicker, and they players can learn from that as well."

21 Beau Lasater, Central, JR, Safety: "I'm not the fastest guy on the field so this is going to help me a lot with speed and turning my hips and staying with them."

26 Juan Luna, Lake View, SR, Safety: "I can develop my speed, my cutting ability, and also work with my teammates."

Ward: "The Central players don't have to do much as far as special plays for this league since most of their offense in the fall is pass oriented to begin with. So they get the added bonus of extra repetitions between quarterback and receiver on the same plays they'll use later."

52 Cody Fielder, Central, SR, WR: "Really just trying to get better and better timing with our quarterbacks. We had all spring ball to do that, but we're just trying to get better timing with our quarterbacks. Braden's been really good all spring we're just trying to get better. Everybody else has a special 7 on 7 speed package, we run our exact offense, everything we're going to do in the fall which is why we're successful I guess really."

Ward: "Aside from getting better on the field with improved techniques, these games are a place for the kids to keep the game fun, and remember why they play to begin with."

Lasater: "Everyone is laughing throwing the ball around, it's a lot less serious, more for fun."

Fielder: "You don't worry about getting laid out, you don't have to worry about getting killed, it's a lot more fun, more fun than padding up."

Grape Creek's Kyle Atwood explains that the school coaches aren't allowed to be instructing their atheltes during these games, but they still play a part making sure the kids have a place to compete.

1:47 Kyle Atwood: "As a coaching staff we don't talk to the kids, address them, coach them in any form or fashion, but it's a free league, it costs the kids nothing. In order for that to happen we have to officiate the games. That's really the role that the coaches play in the seven on seven league."

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