San Angelo Country Club Partnership 06-26-14

This morning teams teed off at San Angelo Country Club for their annual Partnership Tournament. It's a four day event that challenges their skills. Jeff Corean was there and has our report.

Jeff: "The San Angelo Country Club Partnership is the last four day golf tournament in the state of Texas which draws people in from as far away as Hawaii and as close as Midland/Odessa."

Jeff Munden: "The people who play in it tend to come back every year and support it. Because like I said this course is fantastic. You won't find one in better shape. Every Year it's in good shape. Even in the years that we don't get any rain. The greens keeper does a great job. They do a great job in keeping the tournament fair. The flights are always even. It's just one of the best around Texas."

Jeff: "Even though the four day tournament can be a grind on the participants, it's a tradition that the Country Club has no plans on changing."

Jason Hase: "It's kind of sacred. There are guys who would like to see it turn into three days or they'll bring that up in the locker room or out playing. A lot of the members and a lot of the members and the participants will say no, it has to stay four days. It's tradition. Like you said it's one of the last four day events around. You better really like your partner."

Jeff: "Even though people come from all around to participate in this tournament, It's not always about winning. Take the Giddiens for instance. Sometimes they just want to re-establish that father-son bond."

Scott Giddiens: "I haven't played with my dad in a tournament since '99 we figured. It was just a good opportunity to come back. The weather was favorable, they had some rain, the course is in great shape. Just spending time with him. Not huge expectations this weekend. Just keeping it simple and trying to keep it in play and having a good time. Just enjoying the time with my dad."

Jeff: "Jeff Corean, KSAN, San Angelo's sports channel."

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