Rams Ready For Season Play 08-24-14

 Last night Angelo State Football held their only scrimmage of the preseason at their newly renovated on campus facility to see how much they've accomplished over the last week.

Head coach Will Wagner believes the Rams are in a much better position going into this Fall than they were in seasons past. Last year the Rams went five and six. The Rams' six loses were by a combined 15 points. Maturity within the offense combined with a ball-hawking defense, the Rams feel they have what it takes to close games out in 2014.

Rush Seaver: " Everyone doing their assignment , flying to the ball, playing with speed, you know that's how we are going to win games. We know our offense is going to score, so as long as defense can keep the other team from scoring, you know, we'll be set.

Kyle Washington: " Anytime you can put pressure on defense both throwing the ball and running the ball it's a great thing for the offense. Anytime you have a potent running game it helps out your play action game. Anytime you have a good running game deep, big plays, deep balls as well as short balls  are welcomed in our offense."

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