Rams continue prep for Western St 08/27/14

- San Angelo, TX--The last three seasons the Angelo State Rams finished in the middle of the pack of the Lone Star Conference. Their mission is to break out of that mold in 2014.
        ASU will host Western State College of Colorado for their first home game, but that's not for a couple of weeks, so the Rams are just continuing to work the kinks out, and hopefully keep everyone healthy.
        The Rams held a scrimmage on saturday, and Will Wagner was pleased with the efforts on both sides of the ball and the players were as well.

        "We've learned the plays, mistakes have been at a minimum, and the freshman have stepped up, you can tell which ones are gonna make plays this year and we're having a lot of fun out here, " Senior Defensive Back Jarred Ross said.

        "One thing that you try to do is you try to get better or you get worse every single day so we're just trying to make the steps to get better every single time we're out here on the field, and so far we've been progressing up that hill slowly, so we're still working at it," Senior Wide Receiver Dakarai Pecikonis added.

        Head Coach Will Wagner said, "There were some scenarios where we threw in some younger kids, to put them in some situations to see how they responded and i thought they came out very well and had some guys step up and make some plays."

        The Rams first game will be at 7pm against Western State at LeGrand Stadium.

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