Phil Bennett Speaks at Football Clinic 06-18-14

The 41st Annual Angelo Football Clinic continued Wednesday on the Angelo State Campus in the Junell Center. One of the days speakers was Baylor Defensive Coordinator Phil Bennett. He also took a few minutes to speak with us.

Phil Bennett: "One of the things that's mandatory since this clinic started is you better give them some good information. There's no secrets in this business. It's good to see guys that you compete against out here sharing knowledge with these coaches."

Randy Ward: "Coach Bennett takes pride in being asked to speak here, this is the 8th time he's done so, and the reason he keeps coming back when asked is that it was at clinics like this one where he learned as a young coach."

Phil: "I know when I was younger, the influence that these guys played on me and the knowledge that they helped me gain. It is exciting to come back."

Randy:  "Being in San Angelo has other meanings to Coach Bennett, this town has produced some his greatest mentors in the game."

Phil: "My coaches, and I think about this every time I come here, we have a great history with San Angelo. Emory Bellard was my college coach at A&M, Dan Lagrasta, John Paul Young, Jim Hess, all these guys were mentors of mine."

Randy: "The likes of Purdue, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, SMU, and others have had the pleasure of Phil Bennett on the staff. Current Baylor Head Coach Art Briles had to convince Bennett to make the move to Waco and join the Bears, he did so by simply saying he was going to win."

Phil: "When Art went there, I'll never forget, I was the Head Coach at SMU, he had left U of H, he told me 'Phil we're going to win there'. I was fortunate enough to get with him four years ago. It's a fun time, as I told one of the coaches outside, you enjoy the moment but you also want to stay in the moment and that's our challenge right now."

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