Nick Barron Signs N.L.I. to Angelo State

- For most high school athletes their dream is to play the sport they love on the collegiate level in front of their friends and family. For a select few that dream does come true and it did for \Central senior Nick Barron.

Barron will continue his baseball career right here in San Angelo as he signed his National Letter of Intent to Angelo State University.

The senior infielder should make an immediate impact for the rams in both the batters box and in the field. Coaches say Barron's ability to hit for both power and average and his solid defensive skills will translate to the collegiate level.

Barron said a few reasons for him selecting Angelo State over Texas Tech and other schools were because, "Coach Brooks is awesome, he is a great man and being able to stay at home and be with the family is going to be awesome. Home cooked meals, you can't beat that and not getting home sick, I think that is the best part about it, staying home with my family." Barron said "Them (being able to go) out there and to watch me play, that was my dream."

Barron said he also chose to stay home so his father could continue to watch him play. 

"I wanted my dad to be able to see me play at the college level so I did not to make him proud. So I think I accomplished my goal and he gets to watch me do what he loves and I'm pretty happy about that."

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