New spirit at Irion County 08/09/14

- San Angelo, TX--It's a season of change for the Irion County Hornets, who after winning only two games in 2013, made a bunch of adjustments and now the program is in good spirits and is poised to improve.

        "It's exciting you know we've been working hard in the offseason and we've been on this new field and the new stuff we've got it's fun," Irion County Quarterback Reb Sullenger said.

        New Head Coach David Waddell said,"It's an advantage I'm telling you we spent the first day out in the dirt patch and today, Tuesday we got to come out here and experience what life was like, this is going to be our practice facility and games obviously but the kids are really i mean you could see the excitement level grow as we put them on the bus to come over here."

        Irion County will begin their season at Roby August 29th at 7:30pm.

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