Nat Sawyer - Lake View Hall of Fame 04-07-14

Saturday evening the 2014 Lake View Athletic Hall of Fame class will be inducted and it includes Chiefs State Champion Track and Field Coach, Nat Sawyer.

Randy Ward: "Nat Sawyer has stood and watched many kids run by over his 31 year coaching career, 30 of which have been at Lake View.  It's not that he's watched those kids that have has earned him a place in the Lake View of Hall of Fame, it's what he's done to help those kids become better men and women for our community."

Nat Sawyer: "As a coach you want to see them grow and grow and be good citizens, be good in their churches. I really feel like a lot of our kids, a lot have done that. They've been great in the classroom, great in college. I'm very proud of what we've done out here."

Ward: "In competition, the 1990's were magical as Coach Sawyer teams earned 9 cross country district championships and 6 track and field district titles. The 1993 season ended with a State Championship for Chiefs."

Sawyer: "I know how hard they worked, I was the one there everyday. These guys worked at a level that a lot of people can't work at and it showed. They're why I'm here. I would not be here without their support, without the work habits, working hard in the classroom. Some people don't understand how hard these kids have to work in the classroom and also do the workouts we do."

Ward: "While the medals have been harder to come by in the last decade, Coach Sawyer is still winning because there's a smile on his face when he's around his students."

Sawyer: "I have had an absolute blast. It's been fun 24/7. We go on trips, we go to big meets. Those are lifetime memories."

Ward: "As for the selection to the Lake View Hall of Fame, Coach Sawyer was brief, yet very clear when explaining what it means to him."

Sawyer: "This is definitely the highlight of my career."

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