Miles Volleyball Expecting Big Things 08-18-14

Miles has built a successful program of their own. Last year the Lady Bulldogs made it to the regional tournament before bowing out. We caught up with the Lady Dogs earlier today

Jeff: "Last Year the Lady Bulldogs from Miles had a playoff run that led them all the way to the Regional Tournament. Miles returns a core group of six girls plus the addition of  J.V. players who played a successful varsity schedule, the Lady Dogs are expecting big things this fall."

Richelle Wilson: "It's great to slide right in here and have that core comeback. We did lose some really strong ones but we got to keep like you said that core group there. Our J.V last year was beating varsity teams on that level. So we were able to pick up more that came right in and our filling in those holes for us and they're doing a really good job."

Jeff: "With so much young experience coming back for Miles the Lady Dogs are confident the experience factor will push them to new heights."

Bailey Halfmann: "Having the experience is awesome. It definitely tops us over most teams that have a younger team. We do have a younger team but we have everyone that knows what they're doing so that kind of benefits us in the long run."

Sierra Brandon: "I'm thinking we are going to go pretty far this season. We went pretty far last year and we're just looking to go farther."

Jeff: "Miles has height within their roster that allows for a dominating defense. A hidden strength for the Lady Dogs is a back line who is always on their toes."

Hailie Hoffman: "We definitely have to be scrappy and on our toes the whole time. We have a good libero, we have a pretty strong back line and we're just on our feet and hitting the ground as much as possible."

Last season's success has Miles determined to take that final step and play on high school volleyball's grandest stage."

Wilson: "To have that carrot dangled as far as regionals last year I think we are just more determined. To not just get back there, but go to the next level after that."

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