Midnight Madness Preview 07/25/14

- San Angelo, TX--Over 66 teams as well as plenty of RV's and tents will file into the Texas Bank Sports Complex for another edition of the Midnight Madness softball tournament.
        Teams from all around the state participate and there are also several teams on the wait list just in case someone is a no show.
        The tournament is a chance for players to get their competitive juices flowing but also to mingle with players on different teams and be the stars of the show.
         Angelica Torres, one of the board directors for SAGFA told us, "I think it's the excitement, it's the adrenaline to play throughout the night and for the young kids it's staying up throughout the night and for some reason they just switch and they have all of this energy throughout the night."

        Savanna Wietig, a member of the West Texas Explosion said, "You have like more energy and people get a little wild during the night and they have more fun and during the day since our usual games are during the day."

        The tournament runs through Sunday.

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