LSFL and CIPFL Talking Merger 07-31-14

The Lone Star Football League and Champions Professional Indoor Football League are in serious talks about merging to form one strong football league. KSAN's Jeff Corean visited with LSFL Commissioner Darlene Jones Thursday afternoon and has our story.

Jeff Corean: "When the Lone Star Football Leagues final game was played inside Foster Communications Coliseum last month there were some off the field issues involving ownership. The Rio Grande Valley Sol ownership group had a range of issues from not fulfilling league membership dues in a timely manner to not filing proper ownership eligibility paperwork. With talks of a merger between the LSFL and the CPIFL, off field issues of this sort should be a thing of the past."

Darlene Jones: "Our goal is to have good teams, good quality ownership and they've got good teams good quality ownership the same as us. We decided to make a call one day or they made a call and said, 'why don't we make the best of both worlds'."

Jeff Corean: "On the field the merger can make for one of the most stable indoor league around, and with stability comes credibility."

Darlene Jones: "I think it shows so much credibility. Anytime you've got 10, 12, 14 teams you have stability and credibility. Both leagues have formed credibility the last three years."

Jeff Corean: "Of course with the merger of two different leagues comes two different styles of play. Combining the best of both leagues is the game plan moving forward."

Darlene Jones: "What we're talking about, and nothings come to fruition yet, but what were talking about is taking some of the great rules out of the Arena League and some of the ones out of the Indoor League and kind of combine and have our own rules. It'll be a combination of both."

Jeff Corean: "Jeff Corean, KSAN, San Angelo's Sports Channel."

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