Logan Philley Uses Partnership To Mold Golf Game 06-28-14

Day three of the San Angelo Country Club Partnership started with the team of John Duke Hudson and Luke Healy holding a three stroke advantage over the field of the championship flight. Hudson is the defending champion of the partnership. Twelve strokes off of the leader going into round three was Robert Lee's Logan Philley, who is a current member of the Kansas Jayhawk golf team. Philley is our feature for day three of the San Angelo Country Club Partnership.

Jeff: "Day three of the San Angelo Country Club Partnership is in full swing, and for former Robert Lee golfer and current Kansas Jayhawk, it feels good to be home."

Logan Philley: "I love this place. It's good to be back here. It has that home feeling after being away for a while. It's a good feeling to be back. I wish we could play a little better but that's golf."

Jeff: " With the West Texas wind in full force has created less than favorable playing conditions, but Philley still remains optimistic."

Philley: "Last two days have been tough. I haven't played in wind like this for a while. The course is set up tough. Jim has done a great job of setting up the course and making it very difficult. It's definitely a grind. The way it is set up and the way the weather is going anything can happen on any given day."

Jeff: "Philley says tournaments like the partnership are just what he needs to help prepare for the upcoming college golf season."

Philley: "Playing college golf, summer is a big part. It's kind of like our off season. But it's not offseason. It's where all the hours are put in, you don't have to worry about school. Summer should be a long summer. A lot of tournament, a lot of traveling. Stuff like that. Overall it should be good."

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