Loann Phillips Baker - Lake View Hall of Fame 04-09-14

Our visits with members of the Lake View Athletic Hall of Fame class of 2014 continued Wednesday with a Basketball and Track standout as Jeff Corean talked with Loann Phillips Baker.

Jeff: " I'm here with Lake View Hall of Fame inductee Loann Baker. Mrs. Baker, how excited were you when you received the news?"

Loann Phillips Baker: "Obviously I was deeply honored. It is a unique honor, so I was very excited. I just thought about all of the other athletes I had the opportunity to compete with. Just the experience we had and the adventures and the fun. It was a very unique group. We just really enjoyed each other."

Jeff: "You said fun. There had to have been a lot of fun winning. District champions in basketball, regional champions in basketball, district champions in track. There were some of the same athletes that carried over with that. How was the bond with that group of ladies."

Baker: "We were very close. We were together off and on the field and court. They were some of my closest friends. To this day we still see each other and stay in touch a lot. It was an exciting time, it was a unique experience. Our junior year we took a bus load of girls to the state track meet and competed. Then my senior year I went by myself. Both times were just really unique experiences."

Jeff: "Your senior year you were very successful, you were the high point of the meet at state. Can you remember the races that were ran as if they were yesterday?"

Baker: "I can. And I can also remember the pressure because I had won as a junior,  to come back and defend that as a senior. Because I sure didn't want to lose. There was a little bit more pressure that senior year."

Jeff: "Through your success here at Lake View, there was someone special there for you, coach Little. Talk about coach Little."

Baker: "Coach Little was just instrumental in building the program at Lake View. She held very high standards for us. She didn't ask anything of us that she didn't already give herself and she always gave her very best and that's what she expected from us. I think back in the '70's we didn't have as many sports, so the sports we did participate in were very special and they took up a lot of our time. And the community was very supportive. Now days, people still enjoy sports and enjoy the success that Lake View has. There is a lot of other things pulling at our kids. Those kids that stick with sports have a real dedication for that."

Jeff: "Mrs. Baker, thank you for your time. 2014 Lake View Hall of Fame inductee, Loann Phillips Baker."

The class of 2014 will be inducted on Saturday evening at the Lake View Campus. For tickets to the event, contact Dan Baker at 650-1258.

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