LeGrand Stadium Construction Continues 07/28/14

- San Angelo, TX--The new on campus stadium and the area around it is  entering the final stages of construction.
a big addition will be a new press box, giving the stadium two press boxes located on both sides of the stadium.
      This project was a dream come true for Athletic Director Sean Johnson, who has talked about building an on-campus stadium since he was hired 2 years ago.

        "The people I'm most excited for is the student athletes, you know we talk about our fans and our alums and all of those people that make it happen for us, which is incredibly important what it means to our student athletes," Johnson said.

         "What really excites me is that they're going to walk out of their locker room, walk out the backdoor and that they're going to be on their field, and that really excites a bunch of 18-22 year olds and sometimes we forget about that and that's what it's really all about," Johnson adds.

        The first game in the new stadium will be September 13th against Western Colorado State University at 6pm.

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