Lake View Chiefs Ready to Make a Run 08/04/14

- San Angelo, TX--The Lake View Chiefs are poised to make another playoff run this year, and today they took their first steps toward that goal.
        "It feels amazing, I love the game, I miss it, I'm glad we're back here and getting ready for the season," Lake View Senior Juan Luna said.
        The Chiefs are coming off their best season in years and it has done wonders for their confidence as they have a pep in their step thanks to the experience of the Seniors.

        "They understand the contest the varsity contest in football so no doubt it's important and you've got to have that," Head Coach Doug Kuhlmann said. 

        "I think you've got to have that especially early on to get those wins you've got to have that behind you."
        If the Chiefs can make the playoffs two years in a row, it certainly will be cemented in Chief lore for quite a long time.

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