Lake View Basketball Camp Preview 05-30-14

June 4th-6th will be the Lake View Basketball Camp, for information contact Robert Chaney at 325-262-1044.

Randy Ward: "In other basketball news coming up is the Lake View Basketball Camp. Camp Director Robert Chaney is here. Coach Chaney, tell us about this camp, which days will it be, it's coming up pretty quick."

Robert Chaney: "Next week, June 4th through the 6th, Wednesday through Friday. We'll have two sessions. We'll have a morning session for our younger campers and a afternoon session will be 1 to 3 and that will be kids going to the 6th through 9th grade."

Ward: "Different age groups that have their own times so you can get the most out of it. You get to work with them, what is it that you enjoy about these camps with the kids? It's a little different than your district basketball games with your varsity team."

Chaney: "You have kids that are excited about being at basketball and believe it or not parents are excited about getting them out of the house even though it's been just a week after schools out. I enjoy watching kids learn, I get a thrill out of teaching them and seeing them learn from that and improve their skills. When they come back the next day they say 'hey coach look what I worked on', that just makes me happy."

Ward: "You've got this Lake View Chiefs Basketball Camp next Wednesday Thursday and Friday, for the kids that haven't signed up yet, what is the procedure, how do they get in contact with you?"

Chaney: "They can call me here at the school or they can call me at 325-262-1044, it's not too late."

Ward: "Lets get some kids out here for the Lake View Basketball Camp next Wednesday Thursday and Friday with Coach Robert Chaney."

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