KLST Sports Challenge - Ping Pong


For this weeks sports challenge I would find myslef with a ball and a little wood device called a paddle. It was time to play some ping pong. My competition though was the surprising factor. How about ASU Baseball Coach Kevin Brooks. Inside the ASU baseball locker room sits a ping pong table I had seen it before but facing Coach Brooks with it in his players locker room and feet away from his office made me feel like I had to be on top of my game.

At the beginning I hung in there pretty well with Coach Brooks. Even though he says he never plays the game i can tell he had still played a few times in his life. Early I hung in there keeping the score close. Then some unforced errors had me trying to figure out how to come back. I tell you one thing don't treat ping pong like tennis because its not tennis its ping pong. That little ball did not seem to do what i wanted it to do after Coach Brooks had a sizeable lead at 15 to 9. I would try some trickery to bring myslef back into the match, but all it did was get me down more points as Coach Brooks would be the winner of this weeks sports challenge with the final score 21 to 13.

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