Jason Reynolds, Lake View Track and Field 06-24-14

At Lake View High School there has been some shuffling of coaches. Coach Virden has retired and that left the Boys Track and Field program looking for a head coach. Site Athletic Coordinator Coach Doug Kuhlmann found his man already there on campus with Jason Reynolds.

Randy Ward: "The new boys Track and Field Coach here at Lake View is Jason Reynolds. Coach Reynolds has been on staff for a while, an assistant for football as well. On the track and field side you worked with the sprinters but you also have experience with field events. What excites you about now being the head coach for Track and Field for the boys side?"

Jason Reynolds: "The exciting part is we already have a group of kids I know and have a relationship with, the coaching staff for the most part is still in tact. With those parts still there, really I'm getting to walk in and have the head coach title but on the coaching side there's no difference in what I'm going to do as I'll still work with the sprinters and jumpers. The kids understand what to expect when they come out to track practice and track meets so the transition from assistant to head coach isn't going to be too bad honestly. It's going to be fun to do this stuff with the kids and to have my hand on a little more of what we do with the track program."

Randy: "You get to see the kids in multiple sports with football and track and field, what do you like about these kids that you get to work with everyday?"

Jason: "They're a bunch of hard working kids, they don't take anything for granted. They come out everyday pedal to the medal all the time. In the track program it takes a special minded kind of person to run in circles a lot, but it benefits them in other sports and I think they're starting to see that gaining speed helps with football and for the girls volleyball, softball, and all the sports. I think track is a big part of helping those other sports as well. The kids are starting to see that, we have a bunch of young kids that now are becoming juniors and seniors and are seeing improvement with their speed and how it helps in all areas."

Randy: "Congratulations on the promotion. That's Coach Jason Reynolds, the new head boys Track and Field coach of the Lake View Chiefs."

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