Irion County Making Much Needed Changes 06-27-14

Irion County ISD has made some changes over the past few weeks. One change people may notice while passing through Mertzon is a new football surface, which is only the beginning.

Jeff: "Last year the citizens of Irion County decided to change the look of the Hornets that extended further than the playing field."

Billy Barnett: "The voters of Irion County last year overwheminly approved a 9,5 million dollar bond the football field is just one piece of that project. Within that project there is an 8 court tennis facility an elementary wing a new ag building and about a million dollars worth of technology."

Jeff: "Newly named Athletic Director David Waddell feels that the bond is proof that Irion County students are priority number one."

David Waddell: "You run into town and you see what's going on out there. You talk to them about what is going on at the school. The building that they are doing, The bond they passed. You understand that they are taking care of their kids here and that is number one priority."

Jeff: "Number one maybe an understatement as the students themselves had a voice that was heard before the bond was passed,"

Barnett: "It's really hard to get into a mind of a kid but this was one of those that you could tell right off from the beginning that the kids were really excited.I actually brought the kids in on the decision making process of actually designing the field. So they had some buy in to it as well. The kids drop by during the summer wanting to know when this project will be done"

Jeff: "Other athletic programs to benefit from the bond include tennis and track and field. "

Barnett: "The resurfacing of the track was a must. We had re done the surface about six years ago. There were cracks coming through, We are actually redesigning the entire track. Tennis courts is we lost several tennis courts when we built the new high school I t was common sense to come right back in and replenish those to further that program along. So we went ahead with the 8 court tennis facility."

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