Interview with Grape Creek Head Coach Kyle Atwood

- "I'm here at Grape Creek high school with Coach Atwood, coach now in the third week of practice, what do you think is left to learn before week zero?

Coach Kyle Atwood: You know we've kind of gone through the same offense, the same defense, this is our second year now, so we're really not implementing a whole lot new but we're trying to reiterate on doing the small things correct.

Pilla: What do you think is that maybe final ingredient or something that these kids need to make sure they do get the win in the games?

Atwood: I talked about it as I got here last spring, our kids are strong, our kids are fast, the one thing that we lack is confidence. They don't have confidence in themselves and that just comes with a lack of success. We haven't had success out here in Grape Creek.

Pilla:  Is there anything that you can teach them besides them going out there and gaining wins, is there a way they can find confidence within themselves?

Atwood: You know we do a lot of mental stuff inside the locker room, we do a lot of team building things and we think that that helps out, but really and truly until you sniff it and feel it on the field and get that first win or two underneath your belt it's kind of hard to really justify it so we're hoping that we come out, we look good in this next scrimmage going into week zero, week one, week two, have some success early on and I think the ball will roll from there.

Pilla: Alright well thank you. Once again I'm here with Coach Atwood at Grape Creek. Back to you in the studio."

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