High Jump Champion: Kaitlin Lumpkins 05-14-14

Kaitlin Lumpkins of Junction High School has finished off her senior year of Track and Field by winning gold at the District, Area, Region, and State Track Meet in High Jump. KSAN's Jeff Corean was in Junction this afternoon to visit with medal winner.

Jeff Corean: "I'm here with Junction senior Kaitlin Lumpkins who  won the high jump state 1A gold medal with a jump of 5'5. Kaitlin, first of all congratulations do you remember that moment? Of course you do, it just happened. How was that moment?"

Kaitlin Lumpkins: "It was pretty great. I was going in in third place whenever I cleared 5'4 on my third attempt. So I was on the medal stand, but it wasn't good enough for me my senior year. The other girl had missed her first attempt so it was my turn, which I cleared it. Then the girl missed it and that put me in first. It was incredible. It was just an amazing feeling."

Jeff: "Knowing that you have to make this jump to win the gold, a few moments before you make that jump, what are you thinking? What is your preparation?"

Lumpkins: "I just clear my mind, take a deep breath and tell myself you got this, I can do it. Then I just go from there."

Jeff: "Then your back hits the matt, then you realized you cleared it, you just won the state medal, did you jump up?"

Lumpkins: "I actually did jump up. I jumped up pretty excited and just looked at my fans. I couldn't have done it without my dad and my fans. It was a great feeling."

Jeff: "Track has been a lot of work for you all four years and it's paid off. Next year you're going to ASU on a track scholarship. What were some of the decisions that went into choosing ASU?

Lumpkins: "Well, I had chosen Tarleton at one point, but I started looking at ASU. Coach Reid came down and talked to me. Their background is really great. They just won their sixth Lone Star Conference championship. I think I'll be in a good spot going to ASU."

Jeff: "What were some of your influences growing up in track?"

Lumpkins: "I started track when I was five years old. My dad ran for ASU too. It's just been a family thing. My brother looks up to me."

Jeff: "How old is your brother?"

Lumpkins: "He's a seventh grader right now."

Jeff: "What are some of the things you work with you brother with everyday in the track and field aspect?"

Lumpkins: "Well, he's trying to beat me in the 300 hurdles and high jump. We work really good together and we really love each other."

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