Final Day of Bentwood Partnership 07/20/14

- San Angelo, TX--Sunday was the final day of the Bentwood Partnership Golf Tournament,
at Bentwood Country Club, hundreds of golfers took to the course to show off their
skills to try to win some money and earn some respect, as well as bragging rights.
the winners of the tournament were Ryan Hardgrave and John Duke Hudson who led throughout the tournament
but they say it wasn't easy.

      "It's a true partnership and today we really struggled out there today we hit two bogey's and five birdies so it could've been worse could've been better, but we're fortunate to come away with a win," Ryan Hardgrave said.

        "It's harder than you think to play with a big lead, so it was important that we stayed patient today we actually got off to a good start and we hit a few bumps in the road and we were able to recover so, I don't know it was fun but we definitely set ourselves up the first two days to make it easy on us today," John Duke Hudson said.

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