Danny Green Basketball Camp 08/06/14

- San Angelo, TX-- The Danny Green basketball camp took place at Cornerstone Christian School, and was for players between the ages of 8 and 18.
        The gym was packed as kids worked on the fundamentals of the game, and learned some nuggets of wisdom from the Spurs star.

        "We're teaching them that if you want to be successful in anything it takes a lot of hard work, there's no secret to it there's a reason why your parents tell you to do this or work hard at this, because they know if you do it more than enough times then you work hard at it you'll be successful at it," Danny Green said.

        Green talked about the Spurs chances next season.
        "We've got to get back to it, we've got everybody back now, and next year we've got a bigger target on our chests so if you want to do it again we've got to be even better than we were last year," Green added.

        This is the second year in a row Green has held his camp in San Angelo.

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