Cowboys Training Camp Report 07-31-14

Dallas Cowboys continue training camp in Oxnard, California, Nexstar Broadcastings Mark Haas is there for our report.

Randy Ward: "Mark there is always talk about Tony Romo being on the field or not, but you and I know there's much more to a team as to whether they're going to be successful or not. What are the Cowboys having to focus on right now?"

Mark Haas: "Obviously a lot of questions on both sides of the ball for the Dallas Cowboys as they get ready for the 2014 season with hopes of getting back to the playoffs for the first time since 2009. There's one thing they do know, they're going to have to be better on defense after last year finishing last in the NFL."

Jason Garrett: "It's a work in progress, like every part of team at this point I am really pleased with how guys are working coaches are coaching hard and guys are responding to it and there is a lot of good competition through out team to make team at every position at all spots and competing for rolls and starting spots and that shows itself in practice and it is a good thing."

Haas: "Last year the cowboys gave up over 400 yards and 27 points a game.
During the off-season they lost Demarcus ware to Denver. Sean Lee to injury, and have seen several players get banged up during camp already. But still.. The defense knows it needs to be better than last year."

Barry church/safety: "Tired of hearing it but we can only change when we get on field and produce like we should and I feel like we can this year."

Bruce Carter/linebacker : "I think it was a lot of things but at the end of the day we didn't win games and we can't make excuses it was last year and we have to learn from it."

Mark Haas: "Just one week from today the Cowboys will be in San Diego for their first preseason game against the Chargers. In California at Cowboys Camp, I'm Mark Haas. Randy, back to you."

Randy Ward: "Thank you Mark. Again, Mark Haas of Nexstar Broadcasting at Cowboys Camp for us. He mentioned the preseason game next Thursday, we will have the broadcast of that game for you right here on KSAN. The broadcast will start at 9 in the evening, 9 until midnight is the scheduled for next Thursday's Cowboys preseason game."

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