Cowboys Open Training Camp 07-24-14

And it is time once again for Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. They were in Oxnard, California yesterday but they actually take the field for the first time today. We join Mark Haas who is in Oxnard for our Dallas Cowboys update. Mark, how are things going on day number one?

Mark Haas: "Randy, the team had about an hour long walk through. The Cowboys will be here for most of the next 3 weeks getting ready for the 2014 season. It has been 3 straight 8-8 3 seasons for the cowboys and each year missing out in the post-season by losing to a division rival in week 17."

Jason Witten, Cowboys Tight End: "We have to get to those games and play better we have to be better and look ourselves in the mirror and have that breakthrough and it takes a commitment and hopefully we will be better."

Jason Garrett, Cowboys Head Coach: "Everybody is getting their feet and on Tuesday was an administrative day an orientation and we want to practice and everyone chomping at the bit but tony looked good the whole group did."

Mark Haas: "The other big story as camp gets under way, the return of quarterback Tony Romo, who missed the final game last year and had surgery to repair a herniated disk in his back. He sat out of competitive drills during the off season but will be a full participant during camp."

Jason Garrett, Cowboys Head Coach: "He will be out starting an and take all the team reps and we will monitor throws to be quality throws we will monitor to make sure we get him back."

Jason Witten: "He looks good same zip lots of excitement he is ready to lead and I commend him for coming back from that injury."

Mark Haas: "Tony Romo expected to talk to the media after this afternoons practice. The teams first pre season game 2 weeks from today, in San Diego against the Chargers, Randy."

Randy Ward: "Mark you were there last year when the Cowboys were in Oxnard, do you see any difference in body language from a year ago to this year with people? Do they seem frustrated about missing the playoffs or do they seem relaxed because they're excited for a new chance?"

Mark Haas: "Talking to a couple of players, you heard Jason Witten in the story, there's some frustration about missing the playoffs. Coach Jason Garrett says he's not feeling the pressure but you have to think that a fourth straight season of not making the playoffs his job would certainly be on the line."

Randy Ward: "Thank you Mark. We'll check in with you again as Cowboys Training Camp continues from Oxnard, California."

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