Cowboys Daily: Jason Witten 08-10-14

Mickey Spagnola: "Jason Witten after all of these years. Details next on Cowboys Daily."

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Spagnola: "Welcome to Cowboys Daily for Sunday August 10th brought to you by Miller Lite. Hi, Mickey Spagnola here at Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard, California where Cowboys tight end Jason Witten is starting his 12th season in the league. Those years of not getting into the playoffs have taken there toll."

Jason Witten: "Selfishly you look at it and say this is where we are at in our career and we have to get over the hump. Each year you think this is the year and you come up short. What I've often done is gone back and looked at it with a critical eye starting with myself and what can I do better. I think when you're a leader on the football team and a group of leaders you understand that you are responsible for that. And that's tough."

Spagnola: " Join us again Monday August 11th for our next Cowboys Daily."

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