Cowboys Daily 08-11-14

Mickey Spagnola: "The Raiders are coming. The Raiders are coming. Next on Cowboys Daily."

Miller invented Lite Beer, the original 96 calorie pilsner and that changed everything. This led to fewer guys with beer bellies which led to more women attracted to those guys which led to dates, second dates, wedding bells, and honeymoons, which led to hubuduh hubuduh, boom, which led to you. Miller Lite, we invented lite beer and you. You're welcome."
---commercial ends---

Spagnola: "Welcome to Cowboys Daily for Monday August 11th brought to you by Miller Lite. Hi Mickey Spagnola here at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard California where on Tuesday and Wednesday the Cowboys will practice against the Oakland Raiders. Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett remembers those days in Austin when they worked against the Raiders."

Jason Garrett: "Well I think it is a fantastic thing to work against another team. We've done it for years and years and years I think in a lot of ways it changes the atmosphere of the practice day that you have. When you work against people that you don't know it gets you out of your routine. We always try to create competitive situations in practice and you see that everyday with just simply how we practice from start to finish."

Spagnola: "Join us again Tuesday August  12th for our next Cowboys Daily."

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